Project “Nabovarme” (meaning “neighbour heating”) has transformed private heating necessity into a social experiment build on OpenSource software/hardware and social empowerment by transforming heat consumers into Nabovarme Users and letting them take ownership to infrastructure and consumption.

Handfull of Pellets

Our project has unlocked a broad range of devices so data and control now is in the hands of the users - and not sent out of the community.

Liberation of Kamstrup Meter



Firmware for the Meterlogger daughterboard to insert into Kamstrup meter devices to transmit samples to a remote MQTT server.


Backend and web-admin for ingesting MQTT to MySQL and serving charts.


PCB layout for the meterlogger daughterboard


PCB layout for the meterlogger daughterboard for impulse meters, typically electricity meters.

Nabovarme in the media

Our 34c3 talk has been mentioned by Spiegel as part of their ten talks from around the world at the 34c3 read it here

Nabovarme has been featured in depth in the newspaper Ingeniøren, read the article here

Nabovarme at 34c3

Nabovarme is talking at 34th Chaos Communications Congress 34c3 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. A Delegation consisting of Stoffer, Emmerik and Johannes went there to promote the project and Christiania and maybe find new people that want to engage in the project.

Watch the presentation here.

View our Presentation PDF